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HLS Photogravure Vision

Thank you for your interest in HLS Photogravure. We are dedicated to exploring lingerie fashions of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s though pin-up style fashion photography and are looking for models to join our team. We utilize the latest technologies in both software and digital equipment to produce high quality images that are used to create a sophisticated and visually appealing web experience.

We use only authentic vintage lingerie for our shooting sessions and have an extensive wardrobe of full cut panties, foundation garments, bras, and slips as well as nylon stockings, pantyhose, petticoats and pettipants available in sizes ranging from petite to large. This wardrobe will continue to grow based on subscriber feedback and input from our models.

We think the world wide web is the ideal medium for supporting our business model. Our current vision is a gallery based monthly subscription service. Our goal is to go online with an initial library of 3000 - 4000 images that will be augmented with regular updates. We are currently planning 2 updates per month consisting of 100 -150 photos per set. Shooting sessions will be continually scheduled throughout the year to support the update process. We anticipate a 5 year lifespan for this project, however, the website will be maintained as long as it is economically viable to do so. With the exception of sample images, content on the website are not available to the general public and can only be accessed after a subscriber fee has been paid.

To support our production plan and provide the maximum amount of variety for our potential subscribers, we are looking for a wide range of attractive models ranging in age from 18-50, and sizes ranging from petite to large. We want to create a partnership with our models, your input and creative ideas are welcome and we will strive to meet your individual needs. Due to the nature of the clothing being used, models must be willing to pose in varying degrees of nudity. We will work with each model to establish guidelines for photographic content relating to the degree of nudity and will not exceed these guidelines. We offer a completely safe modeling environment with both male and female photographers available. Models must be willing to work locally in Seattle and also on location around the Puget Sound area, in both studio and natural settings.

As with any startup venture, capital is limited, and we are seeking amateur and semi-professional models. A standard hourly fee will be negotiated at the time of signing. Potential models will fill out an interview information form and then be scheduled for an interview and screen test (trial shoot). Models employed by HLS will be required to submit a standard model release form.


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